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Engine Noise Issues
Silencer Issues
Radiator hose and oil hose Issues
Lubricant Issues
Oil Leakages
Filter Issues
Drive Belt Issues


Gear Box Issues
Clutch Issues
Axle and Boot contion
Propeller Shaft and Yoke Issues

Brake System

Brake Booster Issues
Brake Assy Issues
Braking Noise Issues


Steering working condition Issues
Steering Lock Issues
While Driving front suspension noise Issues
While Driving rear suspension noise Issues
Wheel alignment/Balancing Issues

A/C System

Blower fan and Air Flow Issues
Heating and Ventilation Issues
Hoses and Pipeline Issues
Cooling Condition


Battery condition Issues
Fuel Pump Issues
Self Motor Issues
Instrument Cluster / Warning Lamp Issues

Body Interior

Head Lamps/ Indicators/ Tail Lamps Issues
Horn Issues
Front Power Window
Seats and Door Pads Condition
Seat Belts and Recliner
Tool Kit

Body Exterior

Head Lamps/ Fog Lamps Issues
Indicators Turn Signal Issues
Wiper Operation
Outside Rear View Mirrors
Car Body
Tool Kit


Music System / LED TV Issues
Woofer and Sound Speaker Issues
Seat Covers
Floor Mats and Mud Flabs
Alloy Wheels
Extra Bull Bar Front and Rear

Tyre Condition

Front Tyre - Right
Front Tyre - Left
Rear Tyre - Right
Rrear Tyre - Left
Spare Wheel Tyre